Designer Spotlight – Jason Lynn

We recently sat down with Decorators Unlimited Vice President Jason Lynn who shared his love for interior design and how he originally came to work for the company.

Q: Where are you originally from?

I was actually born in Hudson New York, I’m kind of a mutt, I have traveled around the United States living all over Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Florida and Delaware. Most of the success in my industry is mostly from Chicago and Florida for the last twelve years.

Q: Where did your love for design come from?

My love for design was actually embedded in the back of my brain. When I got out of the special forces in 1996, I needed a job and got lucky to land one at Discount Home Improvements in Grand Rapids, MI. My mother was actually in the art world, my father was in the fashion world so I was headed to school for business but I fell into some interior design classes, loved it, switched my education and have stuck with it ever since. I guess I’m an art junkie, architectural lover and an interior designer, a guy that always wanted to be the best and it’s just been embedded in my body from my family.

Q: What was your first design job?

My first design job was pretty interesting. My fiancé’s father gave me a job at Discount Home Improvements and I thought that because I was dating his daughter he would give me a good job but I actually started delivery furniture 20 years ago to this date. I was in charge of loading the trucks, going to the house off loading furniture and installing it. To be truthful, that’s what fortified my career, I started in the basement and learned all the jobs and descriptions from bottom to top through design, through management and now ownership.

Q: When did you begin your career at Decorator’s Unlimited?

I’ve been with Bob and Robin for the last 11 years. I sold everything I had up north in Chicago, ran away from the cold on a promise that Bob had made me, and they full filled my promise. I’ve started in many roles here from business development through to being a vice president and now a partner with him. So, I guess once again you start at the bottom and go to the top.

Q: What is your favorite project you have ever worked on?

That’s a loaded question. We are pretty blessed firm to do over 150 projects a year, so I would say it’s any project that I’m currently working on. We have a new project coming up in Port St. Lucie with Affinity Architects and Turtle Beach Construction. It’s a 280 ft long contemporary house based on three lots, over-looking the intercoastal. Its going to be pretty spectacular, but to be honest I kind of get engulfed in every project that I receive. It’s something new, it’s something fresh, its something hot that we can try new materials, new finishes and new architecture. I think that’s what is great about our job, we are always looking for the next best thing in design/ materials and it becomes like a rush giving clients the next wow factor in their life.

Q: What advice do you give your clients when working with them on a project?

Mmm… that’s a good one. Make sure they love it. Don’t do anything you like in life, because if you don’t like it now you will never love it later. Love is something just like with anything else, if your passionate and you love it now, you are going to love it when we put it in your house. Don’t settle, don’t rush through the project, don’t just do it to get it done so it’s done, do it right the first time and think it through. Analyze it through their eyes, walk the property with them and make sure the truly get what you are putting together for them.

Q: You work so much, when you get a free minute how do you like to spend your time?

(Laughs) Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a gym junkie. I get an hour a day whether its at 5 am or 7 pm or in the middle of the day I dive into a gym between lunch hours. I leave an hour a day to get it in. If I’m not at the gym I love spending time with my beautiful wife and my dog, I love the water and the beach but I’m not a golfer, I don’t have the patience for it. I really do enjoy Florida’s outdoors. I love to study architecture, I try and travel 2-3 times per year to New York, Italy to scope out what’s next, what’s hot in the market to come. So a little bit of family time, a little bit of me time, and definitely a little bit of design time.

Q: If you designed your own dream home, what is one must have you would put in it?

I kind of look at each property I deign as my own dream home sometimes. I think it has to have a beautiful view, it has to function well, I guess if it’s me it has to have a gym somewhere in the house. Very coastal, very transitional I’m kind of a less is more type of designer it doesn’t have to be overstated just comfortable and convenient but also timeless. That’s what we try and do here, not only at my own home we want houses to be in style for many, many years to come.




Posted on April 1, 2019 at 8:59 am

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